Dental Inlays & Onlays

Our experienced dentist and dedicated team are pleased to offer advanced dental inlays and onlays here at M Dental Aliana as an effective solution for restoring damaged or decayed teeth. These conservative and aesthetically pleasing restorations provide durability and beauty, ensuring your smile remains both healthy and radiant.

When Are Dental Inlays and Onlays Recommended?

Dental inlays and onlays are versatile restorative options that are often referred to as “indirect fillings.” They are used to repair teeth with moderate decay or damage that does not warrant a full dental crown. Inlays are placed within the grooves between the cusps of a tooth, while onlays cover a larger portion of the tooth’s surface, including one or more cusps. Our dentist may recommend a dental inlay or onlay if you have:

  • Moderate Tooth Decay: They effectively restore teeth with moderate decay that is not extensive enough for a crown.
  • Fractured or Damaged Teeth: Inlays and onlays provide strength to teeth with minor fractures or damage.
  • Old Fillings Replacement: They can replace worn-out or damaged old fillings for a more durable solution.

The Procedure and Your Comfort

Our skilled dentist will begin the procedure by carefully removing the damaged or decayed portions of your tooth. We will then take precise impressions of your tooth, which will be used to create your custom-made inlay or onlay. While your restoration is being crafted, a temporary filling will protect your tooth. Once your custom restoration is ready, it will be bonded securely to your tooth. Our priority is to make the process as comfortable as possible, ensuring you leave with a beautifully restored smile.

Benefits of Dental Inlays and Onlays

  • Preservation of Healthy Tooth Structure: Inlays and onlays require minimal alteration of your natural tooth structure, promoting overall tooth health.
  • Durability: Crafted from strong materials, these restorations offer lasting strength and longevity.
  • Natural Aesthetics: The customized design and tooth-colored materials ensure a seamless blend with your natural teeth.
  • Enhanced Chewing: Inlays and onlays provide improved oral functions, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods without worry.
  • Easy Maintenance: Regular oral hygiene practices and dental check-ups are all you need to keep your inlay or onlay looking and functioning at its best.

Caring for Your Dental Inlays and Onlays

Maintain your restored smile with these simple care tips:

  • Oral Hygiene: Continue your regular oral care routine, including brushing, flossing and professional cleanings.
  • Dietary Awareness: Avoid excessive consumption of hard foods that could stress your restoration.
  • Routine Check-ups: Regular dental visits will ensure the condition of your inlays or onlays is monitored and maintained.

Ready to enhance your smile with dental inlays or onlays in Aliana, Harvest Green, and Pecan Grove, Texas? Contact us at 832-612-2829 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Anisa Maredia. Our practice is dedicated to providing you with exceptional restorative solutions for a healthy and beautiful smile.